How to Change Lock


Upgrading Euro Cylinders is easy -
when you know how.

There is nothing too tricky about upgrading to a high security, insurance approved euro cylinder like the UAP+ Zero Lift Anti-Snap, or Yale Anti-Bump locks. Whatsmore, no special tools are required, just a cross-head screwdriver. Perhaps the most important part of upgrading is making sure that you order the correct size: a cylinder that sticks out too far on the outside is more vulnerable and is an invitation to burglars.

Get the Right Size Euro Cylinder

No special gauges are required to accurately measure the cylinder size, instead you can use a simple metric ruler, or our handy Euro Cylinder Measurement Template. It is possible to place the ruler against the open edge of the door and use your eye to judge the measurements from the outside face of one backplate to the cylinders fixing screw and from the fixing screw to the outside face of the other backplate. However, we do not recommend this technique. Instead we suggest that you take the cylinder out, particularly as it only takes a few moments and gives the most accurate measurement.

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